How to Listen our RNB1 and STARDANCE RADIOS ?


From your phone or your tablet, download our RNB1 application on the Apple or Android store: Just enter “RNB1 radio” and you will find it very easily.

During the installation accept all requests (rest assured, we do not access any personal data from your phone).

After a few seconds (20 to 30 seconds after acknowledging all the messages) the application will be installed on your phone or tablet. Good listening !!

rnb1 radio available on android auto and apple car play

Download our APP on Apple Store or Android Play Store:

Listen in your car

Our app is compatible with Andoid auto and Apple CarPlay.

You can easily listen to us by connecting your phone to  the usb data plug of your car.  For the latest version of IOS this connection is not required and AppleCarplay will be automatically connected as soon you will enter your car.

You will find many tutorials on youtube to commission the Android Auto / Apple CarPlay connection depending on you car and the model of your phone.


Listen via our internet site

The player is available on all pages of our website by just clicking on the “LISTEN” button on the top right part of the screen (PC) or the bottom part (Phone).

Then chose your radio station:

The RNB1 website is responsive. This means that whatever the media used (phone, tablet or PC / MAC) the site will automatically adapt for better use

Listen via Webradio directories

RNB1 is referenced on most web radio directories. A simple search on your search engine by entering “RNB1 radio” gives access to these directories.

Among these directories:


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