DAN shows

DAN starded  his career in the mid-1980’s when he was 18 as a DJ for Parisian parties. He started the radio in 1986 on a small FM radio station named Decibel 107.5 in Morangis city (Parisian suburbs). This radio already had the color 100% black music Funk & Soul.

In 1989, DAN joined TRANSAT FM radio and the “ARCHIPEL DU FUNK” team. With the team already in place DAN turned this show to a legendary one in Paris with Mark (Transitalia, Radio SHow), DJ Kaze, DJ Bronco, Lord Funk, Pascal and many others..

When the TRANSAT FM radio frequency was withdrawn, DAN joined EFM 88.2  radio and obtained the responsibility for the evening programs after 6 months.

He then brought the whole team from the “ARCHIPEL DU FUNK” to the radio, which became GENERATIONS 88.2 just after.

This radio has become today one of the most listened Hip-hop radio in France.

DAN left GENERATIONS 88.2 radio in 1996 to join ESPACE FM, an another Parisian radio 100% black where he will stay 2 years.

DAN was then in charge of the R&B, Soul Funk radiow show on Saturday evening from 8pm to Midnight.

Many years later, with the arrival of the web radios, DAN decided to go for a new adventure with Soul Factory Radio (2018/2019) which became RNB1 beginning 2020.

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